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We are Dörffler & Partner

Flat hierarchy, more friends than colleagues: That’s our team. For our customers, we are traveling throughout Germany - and sometimes even beyond. This is only possible because we can rely on each other and share our work effectively.

We attend conferences and workshops together and meet regularly at employee meetings. By doing so, we ensure our further training, but also the exchange among each other. We are convinced, that only satisfied and happy employees can work on a high quality level.

By the way: We are always looking for new people - for internships as well as for permanent positions. Whether you are a student, a beginner or a senior consultant: Please send us your application.

Christian Hädrich
Managing Director
Always on the move. Everybody knows him - even at the service point of the Deutsche Bahn. Christian finds a solution for every problem, usually in SQL. #federweisser
Timo Cirkel
Managing Director
Junior manager and data science expert. Most of his time, he is designing, modelling and programming. Timo's DIY-smarthome reflects his love for data. #energydrink
Werner Dörffler
Extreme Senior Consultant
Throw Werner on the scrap heap? Never! Our company founder still organizes AS meetings. When not doing so, he can be found walking his dog Amy. #Coffee
Cornelius Bode
Senior BI-Consultant
Private compassion: Apple products. But on business, Cornelius is totally into the Microsoft universe. He programs everything with .NET and SQL. Frequently found in Ireland with his guitar. #redwine
This is Pepper.
Danny Smith
Senior BI-Consultant
Mr. Performance - no database can feel save while Danny is here. His favorite: Oracle. Programs with .NET or takes his dog Pepper for a walk through sci-fi worlds. #beer
Dominik runs faster than Timo.
Dominik Michalzik
ETL? Yes, he can. But to be honest, he prefers the frontend. Also responsible for everything with (web-)design. Loves podcasts and running through the woods. #craftbier
Henning Prigge
Responsible for data warehousing with Microsoft. Privately, he loves sailing (even through the newest literature) or making miniature models. #cocoa
Holger Kretz
As concentrated in the office as at the chessboard. Responsible for ETL, reporting and software development. With him, you can calm down as well as having fun with bicycle tours. #ACE
Kristina Gongoll
Nothing works without her. She takes care of all the paperwork and sometimes her way working with MS-Office feels like magic. On top, she never forgets a birthday and relaxes with handcrafts. #raspberryjuice
Matthias Keller
Senior BI-Consultant
Long hair, don't care. He is both admin and firewall in one person. He ensures, that every data is safe. For that reason, we can not reveal anything more ... #applewine