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Rocket AS

AS rolls out to Multi-Platform


Easily tranfer your Mainframe-Applications to other platforms with AS Version 7.1.

As official Partner of Rocket Software in Germany we are pleased to present Rocket AS Version 7.1 – the newest Version of the ASproduct family:

The power of Rocket AS in a multi-platform, distributed server environment
Rocket AS Server provides the Rocket AS Engine for a multi-platform, distributed server environment. With Ascent Server, you can extend the power of Rocket AS to other operating systems such as Linux, AIX and Windows Server.
The Ascent Server client is the Eclipse-based Rocket Ascent Client, providing a modern, highly customizable Graphical User Interface (GUI), that can also be used with AS for z/OS and z/VM. With it, you will realize significant productivity gains as you create, update and test your AS applications, whether on Linux, z/OS, AIX or Windows.

Mainframe and distributed platforms – You can have both
If your company would like to deploy some AS applications to a Linux, UNIX or Windows platform, you can still leverage the power of AS and its familiar user interface on your desktop or web browser.

Save money, time, and user pain
With Ascent Server you can avoid major rewriting costs, preserving years of business logic and customizations invested in your AS applications and removing the need to retrain your users.

Easy access to development and test systems
Ascent Server brings AS application development and maintenance to your desktop, streamlining your ability to develop and test new applications. You could have a distributed Ascent Server for a development or test system, and continue to use AS on z/OS for production.

Lots of data
Ascent Server connects to multiple local or remote databases, such as Oracle, Mircosoft SQL Server and IBM DB2. Combining and updating data from different databases on different platforms has never been easier.

Productivity-boosting features
Output-boosting features abound in Ascent include: table explorer for browsing AS and database data, the use of multiple windows for simultaneous editing of several application components; a command editor that provides syntax coloring, scrolling, drag-and-drop support, and comment expand and collapse; and an autosave history allowing you to see changes over the whole life of a procedure.

Better end-user application adoption
Ascent allows you to present your application to all your end-users, whether 3270 green screen, desktop or web browser based. Existing users are happy and new users can have a user interface style that suits them, resulting in faster end-user adoption. Plus, Ascent Server eliminates the need for rewriting applications to suit different users, creating a positive impact on your bottom line.

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