Every project is different, but one thing never changes: the high expectations to our consultants from our clients. In demand are not only industry skills but state-of-the-art knowledge in data modeling and architecture, tools and the management of business intelligence projects.


We systematically support our employees in order to meet these requests. Because only well trained and experienced consultants with state-of-the-art knowledge are capable of delivering additional value to our clients. For that reason, training and qualification, but also systematic development of our employees plays a significant role in our company.



Cooperation with universities

We don’t only support our own employees, but also potential juniors. We directly go to universities and impart our knowledge to the next generation. Our goal: to inspire students for the topics that drive our customers. In order to achieve this goal, we are holding lectures, supervise academic project teams, provide internships and supervise final projects and theses.


We have created a world-wide network of partners in order to meet our goals. To ensure the success of this network, we are depending on successful partners. Therefore, we support our partners to be successful themselves. That includes knowledge transfer, product development support and mutual procurement of projects.




As a successful company, we think that it is our duty to give back to society. This is why we support students at universities, but we also directly support non-profit organizations. We help them achieving their goals by providing our knowledge and experience.